Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Alone in a dark room

[Sometimes in different religions and cultures, stories are used to express an idea or philosophy. "Alone in a Dark Room" is a short story I wrote to express Pandeism. Use your imagination to understand each Pandeistic idea in this story.]


I stood alone in a dark room. The room, however, wasn't completely pitch black. I was able to see my own self. I was able to see that I was indeed alone in this room. The room was dark enough that I couldn't see how large the room was, but it was lit just brightly enough that I could be aware that I was alone in this room.

I was also able to see the mirror in front of me. The mirror was about as tall as I was so I was able to see myself entirely. Because the room was so dark, my reflection looked ghastly and dark, like smoke upon a black wall.

I looked around myself for some sort of electrical switch. I wondered what my reflection would look like if I were able to see it better. I took a step backward and felt a light chain rub up against the back of my head. I felt the chain with my fingertips. I tugged lightly on the chain to be sure it was attached at its opposite end. I tugged once more, this time much harder than before, but nothing in the room had changed except the reflection in the mirror.

I looked at the mirror and clearly saw my reflection. When I was looking into the mirror I was seeing myself in the same room, only more brightly lit. Although the reflection in the mirror was brighter than the image it was reflecting, it was not illuminating the room that I was occupying.

I waved at my reflection, but instead of my reflection waving back, it reached out its hand for me. As I put my hand back down to my side, the reflection of me in the mirror seemed to be trying to push itself away from me.

I stared into the mirror for hours and hours. As the hours passed on I looked down at my own hands and noticed that I was beginning to fade. It became more increasingly difficult to see my own self as the minutes passed. I tried to touch my hands together, but instead of feeling my own fingertips, I instead passed through myself like smoke against smoke.

As I continued to fade into the darkness, the reflection of myself became brighter and brighter. I hoped that somehow my reflection would be able to save me from disappearing altogether. As quickly as my weightless body could carry me, I ran to the mirror. My reflection reached out both its hands and attempted to pull me into the room, but it was unable to grasp my smoke-like body. I let out a scream and at that very moment my reflection opened its mouth and breathed me in to its lungs.

The very next moment that I experienced, I was staring out of a window, looking in to the dark night sky.



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